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The Freshest Content
Hello.  Let me begin by thanking you for visiting our website.
Thank you!
We are a very small organization of people who just happen to love motorsport.  As we take great pleasure in sharing our love with the world, our goal for is to provide fresh, intriguing content for our viewers.  The Internet is a vast place, and in the world of motorsport there is always something new happening.  However, most sane folk do not have the time or desire to endlessly search the web trying to find that "new something".
Well, that's where we come in.  We are in the process of gathering all of the best that the Internet has to offer.  We will in turn offer it to you.
The majority of our focus will spotlight our fascination with modern day Le Mans endurance racing.  However, we will also feature many other forms of motorsport including, but not limited to: ALMS, SRWC, Group C/IMSA GTP, Rally, Dakar, Baha, Hillclimb, Super Touring, AUTOBACS All Japan, etc… (If you don't know what half of these are then you had better come back regularly!)
The Latest News
Since we do love Le Mans we will provide access to the best sources for Sportscar racing news and reports.  Sports Car World and Maison Blanche do a fabulous job of covering the latest in Le Mans news and reports.  We provide links to their sites and others in our Latest News section.  Also, as we happen to live within a few hours of Daytona, Sebring and Road Atlanta, we will strive to bring you our unique perspective of these events.
Of course, we don't have the means to physically blanket the Earth in an effort to photograph every race.  Others have been kind enough to share their photographs and more with our small website.
Please join us in gratitude by supporting their endeavors.  Visit them and others in our growing LINKS section.
We hope that you will enjoy and support our new endeavor.
Even with Le Mans as our main focus, serves as a crossroad for many forms of motorsport.  If you feel that you have something in the form of photographs or thoughts to contribute to our cause, do not hesitate to contact US.  We provide "front page" coverage for those of you who are seeking exposure.
Thanks in advance,
Kipling Hugh Taylor
We want to know what you think of US. If you want to comment about our website,
have suggestions for our content or constructive criticism, drop US a line!