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MG Lola LMP 675
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12 DEC 2000
New MG Lola LMP 675!
Wow! This little GIRL is really something! The New MG is designed for the LM/P 675 Prototype class. This class allows Prototypes to compete at a lower weight (675kg vs 900kg), but with less powerful engines (4CYL turbo).
There is much debate concerning the possibility of a 675 taking the overall win at Le Mans. Right now that doesn't look too realistic. However, time will tell if this one is the SMART MONEY in its class for 2001. It certainly does look good!

"Lola Cars International reveals today the first image of its exciting Le Mans 24-Hours challenger for 2001. The MG Lola, designed in-house by a dedicated team of sportscar specialists, is due to have its shakedown test in March next year before heading off to France for testing at the famous circuit.
"The 2001 Le Mans will mark MG's return to international motor racing. The marque was last officially represented at the French classic in 1965 when a lone MGB finished second in class.
"Le Mans is the ultimate challenge in sportscar racing and Lola excelled in the event this year. A new B2K/40 SR2 car, entered in the LMP675 category and run by a team making its debut at the race, defied the odds at one of the hottest races in recent memory to win the class.
"The experience gleaned from that win, coupled with information learned from a season's racing with the company's radical top-category B2K/10 SR1 sportscar, has been put to good use in the design of the all-new MG Lola Le
Image courtesy of: LOLA Motorsports

Mans entry. The car will be powered by a new AER-developed two-litre turbo-charged MG Rover engine.
"David Bowes, Lola Cars International's Managing Director, states: "This is the most technically advanced sportscar Lola has ever designed and built.
"It is the fourth sports racing car we have designed in the last two years and although we've learned an awful lot from the first three, including winning our class at Le Mans in 2000, this one will be completely new. I believe when it hits the track it will impress and surprise a lot of people."
"The MG Lola Le Mans car is the first MG motorsport project since the Rover Group was bought by the Phoenix Consortium, which included Lola, this year, and there are other racing plans in the pipeline.
"Rob Oldaker, MG Rover Group director of product development, says: "MG has a fine pedigree in motorsport and a return to Le Mans is an important step in developing the brand. There will be other MG motorsports projects in 2001 as well.
"The technical challenges of motorsport will be of great advantage to my team as we roll out new MG road cars over the next few years."