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Audi Spends the MOST to WIN?
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22 NOV 2000
Audi's 2001 LM/P may be more than the originally planned revision. Rumors indicate that Audi may even build another entirely new car for the next season. In light of BMW's departure, and given Audi's domination of this year's Le Mans and ALMS, is a brand new car warranted? Well of course  it is!
Will Audi's Leftovers go to Privateers? Top ALMS private teams such as Konrad and Raffenelli spent most of the 2000 ALMS season staring at the constructor teams' tail lights. That may change next season, as
Audi R8 Roadster
Photo courtesy of: Team Unicorn

Konrad are rumored to be favorites for several year 2000 spec Audi R8Rs.
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