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No Pescarolo at 2001 Rolex 24 at Daytona!!! #@$%?!
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17 DEC 2000
Sportscar fans everywhere were quite unhappy to learn that Pescarolo had withdrawn their venerable C52 from the GARRA sanctioned Daytona Rolex 24. The side-exiting exhaust of the Peugeot based twin-turbo V6 would have to be redesigned to exit at the rear of the car.
Needless to say, redesigning the exhaust system of a Sports Racing Prototype is a BIG DEAL. Pescarolo is in the middle of prepping their new Courage C60 for the 2001 Le Mans and season, and has neither the resources nor time to justify the redesign. Unfortunately, GARRA is becoming increasingly isolated from the FIA and ACO.
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17 DEC 2000
The Venerable Courage C52 is ineligable for the Rolex 24 partly due to its side exiting exhaust. Stupid Rules!
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Seen above is the venerable Courage C52. Despite being heavily outclassed, Pescarolo manage to capture an amazing 4TH PLACE behind the 3 winning Audis at the 2000 Le Mans. An amazing Privateer performance!

The NEW Courage C60 is ineligable for the Rolex 24 due to its narrow style roll hoop. But, you will see it at Le Mans!
Photo courtesy of: Maison Blanche

Pescarolo's new Courage C60 is now undergoing development for the year 2001 season. Power is supplied by the Peugeot based twin-turbo V6. With their withdrawal from Formula One, Peugeot may provide more support in 2001 (Hopefully).