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01 JAN 2001 - 21 JAN 2001
The Big Seven - Race 01: The Paris Dakar
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Want REAL ENDURANCE? Forget Le Mans. How about ripping across the worst terrain in Africa for three weeks straight? Add to that a MAD fight for the Car Class victory - complete with blocking, cheating, leaping in front of the opposing team's cars and chucking your helmet at them, and other "team tactics". This year, will any other race top the Paris Dakar? We doubt it.

Don't Try This in Your Audi Allroad Quattro!
Photo courtesy of: Mitstubishi Motors
24 FEB 2001
Yes!!! Champion Racing sends their Lola/ Porsche to the Orphanage as they unveil their very own Privateer Audi R8 Roadster!
Pompano Beach, FL. -- Friday evening, 23 Feb 2001, Champion Racing hosted a gala press launch for their 2001 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) program, where they will campaign the third of three Audi R8 Prototypes for the full season.
2001 Champion Audi
R8 Roadster DEBUT!
Photo courtesy of: Champion Racing

24 FEB 2001
We may have more C60s than we know what to do with!
At Le Mans, Pescarolo Sport plans on running two Peugeot twin-turbo V6 powered C60s, piloted by: Boudais, Boullion, Clerico, Grouillard, and a yet to be named sixth driver.
Yves Courage will enter his own Judd V10 powered C60 (Bye Bye, Nissan!)
SMG (pictured at right) will return with a lone Judd V10 powered C60, piloted by: P. Gache, J. Policand & A. Beltoise.
SMG has scheduled a 24 hour test session at Jerez, beginning March 19.
Courage C60
Photo courtesy of: ALMS