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2001 Carsport Holland Viper
This Section is Dedicated to the Development and Conquests
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12 FEB 2001
You may remember Carsport Holland from the Las Vegas round of the ALMS, where their orange Viper was easily spanking all of the GTS runners, save Olivier Beretta in the #91 ORECA Viper. A blown engine crashed their party early.
Carsport will focus on their FIA GT effort this year, and have planned quite a few revisions for their Viper:

- different mufflers (length and size)
- different differential and it's mounted lower in the car
- bigger airbox
- different air intake (longer and more to the front)
- higher splitter in the middle to increase the amount of air under the car during braking
- DTM-style tunnels which lead the air away from under the car via both sides
- two (instead of one) horizontal radiators (rather than vertical as before), the hot air exiting via the hood for more downforce
- complete new and improved front of the car
- new aerodynamics front and back
- wider rear track
- sequential gearbox
- engine (and gearbox) location revised lower, further back
- driver position more to the back
- due to smaller restrictors, the engine is being developed in association with Mader in Switzerland.

Needless to say, this is a very strong team. In 2000, Carsport finished second behind the Lister Storm drivers in points. With this kind of rebuild, Carsport will be a force to be reckoned with in 2001!
2001 Carsport Holland Viper
Photo courtesy of: Carsport Holland
2001 Carsport Holland Viper
Photo courtesy of: Carsport Holland
Carsport Testing the New Sequential Gearbox
Photo courtesy of: Hezemans