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ALMS News: Bye Bye Rafanelli
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08 DEC 2001
The amicable Italian team will sit out the year 2001 of the ALMS, and instead focus on their new FIA Ferrari 550 Maranellos.
Team boss Gabrielle Rafanelli: "No one is more sad than me... but there is nothing I can do. Olive Garden will stay with us, but we have stopped for this year and are preparing for next year... For 2001 we’ll miss our many fans and friends in the U.S. but together with our partner, Olive Garden, we are working very hard to return with a winning program in 2002.”
This ALMS  Privateer Team will be missed.
Rafanelli was the Top Privateer in 2000.
Its a Shame to Lose them to the FIA GT!
Photo courtesy of: ALMS
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