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Headline Archive
We may have more C60s than we know what to do with!
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24 FEB 2001
At Le Mans, Pescarolo Sport plans on running two Peugeot twin-turbo V6 powered C60s, piloted by: Boudais, Boullion, Clerico, Grouillard, and a yet to be named sixth driver.
Yves Courage will enter his own Judd V10 powered C60 (Bye Bye, Nissan!)
SMG (pictured at right) will return with a lone Judd V10 powered C60, piloted by: P. Gache, J. Policand & A. Beltoise.
SMG has scheduled a 24 hour test session at Jerez, beginning March 19.
Courage C60
Photo courtesy of: Maison Blanche
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