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GARRA News: Dyson Racing Dominates Homestead
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03 FEB 2001
Why does anyone bother to bring a new car to GARRA events? All they really need is an ancient Riley & Scott MkIII running an equally ancient Ford pushrod V8.
The New Crawford wasn't up to speed at any point during the race. The Intersport Racing "Bannana Joes" sponsored Judd powered Lola of Jon Field & Oliver Gavin charged hard late in the race, but could only manage second overall.
Despite a 30 second penalty, the Saleen S7-R spanked a pair of GTS class 993 Turbo Porsches to claim the class win.
The V8 BMW held off the droves of 996 GT3s for a class win.
Class Winners: (SRP) James Weaver/ Butch Leitzinger [Riley & Scott Mk III/ 6.0litre Ford V8], (SRP II) Nigel Greensail/ Mike Durand [Lola/ Nissan V6], (GTS) Chris Bingham/ Ron Johnson [Saleen S7-R], (GT) Toney Jennings/ Terry Borcheller [BMW M3 V8], (AGT) Craig Conway/ Doug Goad [Chevrolet Corvette]
Gettin' Better with AGE......
The Dyson Riley & Scott!
Photo courtesy of: GARRA

The Saleen Scores a Class Win,
Albiet Against Two 993 Porsches
Photo courtesy of: GARRA
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